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Animated Videography

Explainer Videos

As you might have guessed, “explainer videos” are designed to explain a product, service, or methodology. These videos are often much more effective than written content because they give you a means of showing viewers how something works instead of just telling them about it.

Explainer videos are unique from other types of videos in that they are short-form content. Explainer videos are virtually always less than 90 seconds long. Consumers have ever-shrinking attention spans, and likely won’t stick around for long-form content until they are deep into the sales funnel.

During 30 to 90 seconds, we can summarize and explain to your audience pretty much any concept. We give them a 360 overview of the problem they’re facing and the solution you’re providing.

Our developers ensure that every video contains an attention-grabbing intro. Once we get them dialed in, we will immediately demonstrate the value of your offering. By keeping the video concise and engaging, Spinach Video increases the viewer’s chances to watch the entire piece of content. 



What We Do

At Differo, our team of talented animators creates captivating 2D and 3D animated explainer videos in various styles. We start every video from scratch and build frame-by-frame until the video is a complete work of art.

Our goal is to craft an engaging video. But our work isn’t done there. After watching a high-quality explainer video, every viewer should finish with a complete understanding of the offered product or service.

Once we’re done, animated videos are easy to share and last the entire lifetime of your service or product. This longevity makes it easy to enjoy a great return on your investment in your videos!

When working with your team, our designers will ensure that your video truly captures your brand aesthetic. Whether you want a crisp and professional video or a friendly and inviting one, we can design the perfect content to meet your needs.

Our expert 2D animators can produce minimalistic line drawings, complex illustrations, and virtually anything in between to tell a story that your audience won’t soon forget.

About Explainer Videos

Educational Explainer Videos

Sure, carefully crafted blogs and “how-to” guides can be a big hit with your target audience. However, even the most talented wordsmiths cannot capture an audiences’ attention better than a great video.

Spinach Video’s explainer videos are one of the best ways to educate your audience. They can easily watch a short 30 to 90 second video clip to learn how to use your product or service.

As if that were not enough incentive, top search engines and social media platforms are optimized for video content. You can leverage our quality explainer videos to not only educate consumers but also enhance your online presence.

Pitching a product or service can be quite difficult. This process is even more challenging when you cannot put your offering in the hands of your audience.
2D animated explainer videos allow you to effectively convey your product’s value to your target audience. You can show the viewers what you do in a concise and sophisticated manner.

When developing training content for your employees, you encounter two inversely related barriers: cost and engagement. Typically, cost-effective content comes in textbook-like materials that will bore your audience into a coma. Conversely, creating dynamic content can be quite cost-prohibitive.

Fortunately, Differo can help you bridge the divide between cost and engagement. We can provide your organization with intriguing, animated training videos that will allow you to seamlessly educate your team. 

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