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App Development

Build A Brand With An App

We get it, you want to know the monetary logistics before anything else. When Differo started, iPhone apps were just beginning to trend, the App Store was new and shiny, and Google Play was just a fraction of the marketplace it is today. Since then Apps can now generate revenues from thousands to millions of dollars each year. In 2021, mobile app revenue reached more than $581.9 billion.

The benefits of an app doesn’t just stop at a monetary value, but they are also a great way to provide value for your clients, build a stronger brand, and allow you to connect more effectively with your customers. Differo can help you with a strategy that works best for your goals and clients.

App Design
App Functionality

Mobile Design

Marketplace Development

We develop Android apps that dominate the marketplace by providing users with the latest in groundbreaking functionality by way of our advanced Android toolset. Our Android app developers already have experience with MLKit — Google’s machine learning tech brought to mobile.

If your app needs features like text recognition, face detection, barcode scanning, landmark detection, or any other MLKit offerings, we are the industry experts to turn to. We will review your product strategy and find the feature set that is the perfect fit.

Android App Development

We got the bases covered when it comes AI assistant development integration. Yes, we develop Alexa Skills, but we also have a team of Google Assistant specialists and strategists that will tell you the best way to take advantage of the latest AI upgrades in your Android app. Using Slices via Android Jetpack we can create voice-activated functions for any app. We can make sure your app becomes an essential by taking advantage of Google Assistant and Routines.

Our Android app development team is continually working to stay ahead of the latest development trends and discover how they can best be utilized in our client work. We are currently working with Android Things to develop software for connected hardware devices and the Internet of Things.

About Operating Systems

Android Vs IOS

It’s not surprising news that iOS and Android are top competitors in the mobile app market. Our developers are equipped with extensive knowledge of both platforms, so we’re ready to design your app for whichever platform you see fit.

Amongst many advantages, one clear advantage of developing for Android is that Android phones reached a worldwide market share of 85% in 2018. Android phones are also more affordable universally, making Android apps more accessible than iOS apps. Not to mention, Android’s integration with Google has added SEO benefits like automatic inclusion in Google’s app indexing library. This allows views on your app’s Google Play Store page convert to site views.

Making The Decision

Deciding Between Android And iPhone App Design

Deciding which platform to build your app on can be tough, but we’re here to help. Our strategists research the industry of your app to find the right platform, ensuring that you see success when your app is brought to the App Store.

While Android may lead the mobile phone market, Apple is the leader when it comes to app revenue. In 2018, users spent an estimated $46.6 billion in the App Store while only spending $24.8 billion in the Google Play Store. Putting revenue aside, iOS apps have the advantage (and convenience) of being housed on a scalable platform; an app designed during the iPhone 8 era will be just as functional on an X or even a 6.

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